Saturday, November 17, 2012

doantions for precious miniature horses

You know Galloping Angels has a goal to raise by Dec. 5th to rescue the miniature horses in Oregon.  Please help out!  Even $5 that you would spend on Black Friday can help save some of the miniature horses.  There are several older and sick ones that need to be cared for and made fit to find forever loving homes.  These poor horses have led horrid lives.  It wasn't their fault that they had to live in like they did.  It is a season to be thankful for.

It's going to cost $260 for gas up and back to bring 6 to 8 horses at a time to our facility.  It will cost $75 a month for each horse for hay until about June.  It will cost $150 for the coggins and health certificate to take them across the state border plus we will need funds to bid on the them.

We do take donations through paypal:

Please be kind to the horses by donating some money towards their care.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dec. 8th auction minis

We still need donations for the aution minis that is being held on Dec. 8th in Oregon.  We would greatly appreciate donations to help with these animals.  You can donate through paypal:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Funding request

We need funding to bring home miniature horses from an auction that will be held in December.

Earlier this year, over 140 miniature horses were seized by animal control from a person that hoarded these animals and  had severely neglected them.  Many of these animals are feral and a few are semi-feral.  Please help us bring as many of these little ones to our facilities were they can be tamed and then adopted out to forever loving homes.

Our paypal email address is:

All donations are tax deductable.