Friday, July 25, 2014

a miniature horse

There is a mini in South Dakota that the owner can no longer keep.  She picked her up in a seizure about 3 years ago.  She was covered in rain rot and was skin and bones and nursing 2 foals at the time.  The owner has continuously tried to work with her and every attempt to do so has failed.  Every farriar that has that has tried to trim her feet has ran.  Every trainer that has tried to work with her has given up.  The vet has been tore into.  The owner has had bruises on both legs (top to bottom--no exaggeration).  This little mare has some serious issues with people!

The owner can no longer keep this little one.  We spoke to the owner and we want to try and help her.  We have a trainer that has been working with horses for over 45 years and he is an advanced trainer that is willing to work with her.  This trainer has taken full sized worst cases and helped those horses.  He also does farriar work.

This precious mare needs to come to the sanctuary where she can stay with no set time limits.  If it takes her 10 years or more to come around, that is fine.  We don't rush horses.

It is going to cost $675 to transport her from South Dakota to Antelope, California.  Please, if you can donate, please do.  This is no run of the mill mini.  She desperately needs our help! 


Friday, July 11, 2014

a horse tooth

This precious mare lost a tooth last night.  Will  the fairie put a dollar under her pillow tonight?  If you wish to donate, Paypal: