Friday, October 19, 2012

What to write about

I asked one of the other officers what to write about since most of what is going on right now is sitting and waiting for paperwork to be completed.  And everything seems to be the same, clean up after the horses, feed the horses, and so on.  She suggested I write about Lalique because I have made some progress with her.

It took about two days after Lalique's feet were trimmed to see any attitude changes in her.  Her attitude change came along with the realization that she didn't want to be caught because she didn't want to be shifted to a new home.  I don't think she had many homes in the past, but again, maybe she had.  She appears to want a home that she had put anchors down and have other horsey family members that she knows and a human leader that she understands what they want and expect of her.  Since she was a problem child (horse) and she is an older horse, we had made the decision to keep her in the sanctuary.   She now lets me come up and pet her except for the good night pet.  This still puzzles me as to why she doesn't want for me to pet her when I go out to say good night to all of them.

If all works out well.  We should have some horses that will come in and go up for adoption shortly.  But as I mentioned earlier, things are slow because we are waiting for the paperwork to be completed.

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