Saturday, June 29, 2013

Opal headed to the vet yesterday

Yesterday, we went to feed Opal her dinner and she refused to eat.  She stuck her nose on the food and then walked away from it.  We knew something was wrong but couldn't figure out what it was and so we called the vet.  She asked me about everything that was going on and so we told the vet.  She determined at that moment, Opal was choking and so we needed to get her in ASAP.  The vet said with the heat, she was possibly dehydrated as well.
     We took her in and the vet tubed her.  She tried blowing air in without success.  So she started flushing her esophagus with water.  That wasn't working and so the vet decided to give her some meds to relax her esophagus.  The vet flushed out a dark colored firm textured item about the size of a quarter.  Nothing was coming to mind what she had swallowed that was that large.
     We got her home and then it dawned on us that the neighbor was talking about his Cranapple tree was not bearing much fruit.  While the image of the object was still fresh in our mind, we walked over to see if we could find a Cranapple.  Sure enough.  It was the same size and color!  We called the vet back and told her what it was.
     Opal didn't get any dinner last night because she was given medication to relax her esophagus.  She is being given a soft food (wet whole feed grain) for the next few days for her esophagus to heal.
     Opal has been doing well today.  She has been resting most of the day.   We have taken her to the round pen a couple of times today so she could run a little.

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