Sunday, August 26, 2012


Veneta had been going out daily collecting recycle containers and turning them in and utilizing the moneys for the animals. 

Veneta was told about the Cherry Island Soccer Complex and was told it would be well worth her time to go and collect the recycles there since they were throwing the recycle containers in the trash.  She went over after the games and collected some of the recycle containers.   Many of the people she ran across were very happy to put the containers directly into her cart instead of the garbage can.

After she had gotten to the outer perimeters to check the cans, a man in a golf cart came up to her and told her she could not collect the recycles on the complex.  She went back and told the people that had told her about the complex and what the man had told her.

The first person she notified, she had to leave a message on their phone.  This person was so irrate, she couldn't speak.  The other person told Veneta to contact the park office and lodge a complaint because the man did not have exclusive rights to the park.  People are paying taxes for that park.

There were at least two hundred dollars ($200) worth of recycles that Veneta left behind at that park (because of this man) which are going to be dumped into the landfill.  There was absolutely NO recycle containers for people to put the recycle containers in.  The government put a charge on the recycles because they want people  to recycle the containers.  They don't want them in the landfill.

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