Thursday, August 2, 2012


Bucky is a mini-cross that came to us a couple of years ago from some people that used horses for riding.  They only had Bucky for 6 months.  They were told when they bought him that he was ridable.  Bucky had never been broke to ride or drive.  He appeared to never have had a saddle on his back either.

Within the first couple months after Bucky came to us he began to colic.  We took him to UC Davis and they didn't find any stones and so he was treated medically and released.  This was the beginning of his long line of colics.  He began to colic on a monthly basis.  We spoke to vets on a monthly basis about his colics.  We tried him on various types of hays and he continued to colic.  We finally resorted to putting him on a full feed grain which he has been on for the past year and he has been colic free.

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