Monday, July 30, 2012

Mardi today

When Mardi first came to us, she would not let anyone close to her.  Over the course of this past week, Mardi had appeared to be wanting to get some of the attention that the other horses were getting and yet she couldn't bring herself to come up to Veneta to get the pets.  Today, Veneta worked with her and she is now eating out of the dish next to Veneta.  She still has issues about being close to people, but she is trying.  Today's eating out of a bowl so close to Veneta was a SERIOUS undertaking for Mardi.  Tomorrow, she may not want to be so close and may revert back to her ways of staying far away and this attitude may go on for quite some time.  This is okay and it is also something we would expect because of her previous emotional trauma.

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