Thursday, July 19, 2012


Thunder came to us back in October of 2011 from a family that didn't have much knowledge of horses.  They were getting rid of him because they thought he was too much for their daughter.  Thunder is not a mini, he is an Icelandic Horse.  When we picked him up, he had about a 4 inch long shaggy coat.  They told us that they had just had a farriar out within the week to have his feet done and were told he had thrush.
      When we got him off the trailer, he had a hard time walking.  He was walking on the heels of his hooves.  We called our farriar out and he examined his feet.  Our farriar told us that he did not have thrush and his feet were trimmed wrong.  He had too much heel and his toe was too long.  He had laminitis.  After a brief discussion, we had decided to put shoes on his front hooves for a short period because the soles were very thin.
      Once we had shoes on Thunder, we took him to the vet.  The vet said he had cushings and put him on cushings meds.  The vet took xrays of his feet and it was determined that he had a 15 degree rotation.  The xrays had also revealed that he had been worked hard while his coffin bones were pointed towards the ground because the tips of them were like gravel.
      Thunder is now bare foot once again and he is walking around fine.  It took most of the winter to loose his long shaggy coat but it is now gone.  Thunder is quite a pretty horse to look at.  Yes, Thunder can be ridden and has been on a couple of occassions but for the most part, he is a pasture pal.

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