Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week end of July 7th and 8th, 2012

This week end had been a pretty busy one.  Veneta went out got hay for the horses and other farm animals, unloaded it and put it away.  Then she went to the store to get some baby carrot treats that she had run out of.  Then after that, Veneta cleaned up some of the road apples that were left by the horses.  She didn't get it all cleaned up because it got dark.

Dorothy had been working with Galloping Angels Rescue and Sanctuary facebook page and because she invited too many friends to quickly, there has been a hold put on to add on new friends and she has been waiting for facebook to release the page so she can continue to add some more

Today, Veneta went out and bought some worming meds and wormed all the horses.  She cleaned out some of the water containers and filled the water containers with fresh clean water.

Veneta had heard that the Grace Foundation was having problems getting rid of most of their horses and so she emailed them to check to see if they had any small or miniature equine.  She got an email back from the Grace Foundation letting her know that all the horses they have are full sized horses.


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