Friday, July 6, 2012

two mini horses with social issues

Veneta went out yesterday to meet a couple of miniature horses that have social issues.  Her first encounter with them was they stayed way off in the distance wondering who she was.  She stood in the pasture with Michelle (the wonderful lady that got them out of a bad situation) for awhile which allowed the two horses a chance to get aquainted with her at a safe distance.  She eventually walked over by each of the horses and stood by them.  As leary as both were, they seemed to have accepted her presence and viewed her as non-threatening.  Michelle told Veneta that one of the horses is sooo fearful of people that she shakes when she is on a lead line.  Michelle does not know what the previous owners had done to her but whatever it was, was not pleasant.  The other horse is an older horse that Michelle got  that hadn't been people socialized and therefore stays clear of them.

Today, Veneta spoke to others about the two horses.  She told them about the fear the one horse has.  Veneta was told that the horses would benefit being with her because of all the interaction she has with them and it would show the two horses that there is nothing to fear.
     She believes the older horse would come around rather quickly.  The other horse will take some time.  Veneta says that it may take years or she even may never learn to trust again.  She says only time will tell.

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