Sunday, July 15, 2012


Rosie is a small shetland pony that came to us from Butte Animal Control in December.  The brief history they gave us was Rosie was with five other horses when they were picked up.  The other four horses were standard sized horses which two had to be euthanized because the front legs were twisted and broken beyond repair.  They said the horses were going over the fences because they were not being fed enough.  When Butte Animal Control attempted to catch Rosie, she gave them a run for their money.  She was not about to let them catch her.

When Rosie first came to us, she tried to go over a fence once and has never tried to do it again.  She did not want anything to do with us when she first arrived.  It has only been within the last couple weeks she has trusted us enough to allow us to touch her on a regular basis and put a halter on her.  We still don't know what level (if any) that she has had.

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